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Alison Brewer

Self described "Girl Friday" for hair, makeup and grooming, Alison Brewer has been on the business end of a makeup brush for 27 years. After leading makeup design for the dance group at her school production at age 12, she realised she had found her life's calling and she hasn't looked back since. Over the course of her extensive career, she has worked in various sectors including retail, bridal, fashion, commercial, corporate, film and of course with many of New Zealand's high-profile clients.

Alison saw the importance of nurturing connections and communication between freelance makeup artists here in Aotearoa, so in 2011 she started a humble Facebook group called "The New Zealand Makeup Artists' Collective" in an effort to do just that. Today, the page has grown to a community of 1700 and functions as a forum for industry discussion, advice and camaraderie.


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Portrait by Maegan McDowell


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