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Stacey Banfield

Stacey Banfield is nothing short of extraordinary. A bridal makeup genius and the innovator behind Soleil and Soul, Stacey's path began when she boldly pursued her makeup passion at just 16 years of age. From department store counters to being crowned New Zealand's top wedding vendor not once, but twice, her career has been fuelled by genuine word-of-mouth acclaim—a testament to her incredible work and dedication to the craft.

Counter Work to Qualification: Real-World Learning

Stacey talks candidly about her formative experiences, emphasising how working on the counter provided her with invaluable, hands-on knowledge that outshone any formal makeup course. It was at the counter where her skills were honed, giving her the confidence to eventually embrace the world of freelance makeup artistry with open arms.

Embracing Freelancing and People Skills

Diving into the freelance world opened the door to a newfound freedom from the often competitive environment of counter work. Stacey's commitment didn't just focus on makeup artistry; she realised early on that excellent customer service and people skills were non-negotiable traits for her growing team.

Launching Soleil and Soul: Purpose-Driven Beauty Products

The drive to innovate didn't stop at makeup services for Stacey. With the birth of her beauty brand, Soleil and Soul, based in Christchurch, she introduced products with purpose. Despite facing the costly and time-consuming process of product development, Stacey remained resilient in her mission, even ensuring sustainability was woven into every aspect of Soleil and Soul's offerings.

Tips for Aspiring Beauty Brand Founders

For those dreaming of starting their own beauty line, Stacey shares pearls of wisdom, emphasising the importance of finding a formulator with whom you click and preparing for the financial investment required. She stands firm in her decision to self-fund, balancing the intricate act of running a business and continuing her passion as a working makeup artist.

Beyond Makeup: Safety and Expansion

In an age where social media plays a critical role in exposure, Stacey navigates her influencer status with caution and intention. The darker side of publicity became evident when she dealt with privacy invasions, prompting her to adopt safety procedures for home appointments.

Don't miss this intimate conversation with Stacey as we explore her journey from makeup artist to visionary entrepreneur, delving into the highs, the lows, and everything in between on the road to creating Soleil and Soul Beauty.

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