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Kimberley Coleman

Kimberley Coleman is an award-winning lash salon owner, who brings a whirlwind of experience and passion to the table.

From Slopes to Salon: Kimberley’s Luxurious

Lady Lash Journey

Kimberley's journey is nothing short of inspiring. From her early days as a snowboard and ski instructor to establishing Lady Lash Studio in Christchurch, Kimbo embodies a story of versatility and achievement. It's not every day that you meet a salon owner that can also hit the waves or the slopes with the same level of expertise as they curl lashes.

Kimbo's commitment to her craft earned Ladylash Studio the prestigious accolade of New Zealand's Salon Lash Salon of the Year. She spoke about the honour humbly, noting that her competitive streak is usually aimed internally rather than against others. For Kimbo, these awards are a testament to the hard work she commits to her salon and her family—a tribute to the love and effort she pours into her business.

A Glimpse into New Zealand's Unregulated Lash Extension Industry

The world of eyelash extensions remains unregulated in New Zealand, a stark contrast to the meticulous standards established by Lady Lash Studio. Kimbo emphasized the importance of safeguarding standards as high as those overseas, including ensuring adequate insurance for staff and clients. Her client-focused mindset extends to educating on the importance of lash care, such as daily washing with a foaming lash cleanser to enhance longevity and fend off issues like lash mites.

The Power of Positivity in Beauty: Let’s Go Wahine Mentorship

Kimbo’s passion for beauty intersects with her dedication to create a positive impact within her community. Her Let's Go Wahine mentorship program transcends the traditional confines of beauty training by incorporating elements of yoga, surfing, team-building, and personal development. This holistic approach to education empowers young women far beyond lash application, instilling confidence and wellness.

Sustainability and Adaptation: The Future of Lash Services

As sustainability becomes an ever-important consideration, Kimbo has her sights set on eco-friendly practices within the industry. With innovations such as lashes made from plant products, she envisions a future where beauty services evolve in harmony with ecological considerations.

Balancing Act: Family, Fun, and the Thrill of Business

With her numerous roles as a business owner, mentor, and mother, Kimbo remains effervescent about managing her busy life. She advocates for seizing opportunities, as evidenced by her development of an all-encompassing training program that promises hands-on experience and has already rewarded her with a valuable new team member.

Supporting an Ever-Loving New Zealand Beauty Industry

The conversation wrapped with an ode to the supportive nature of New Zealand’s beauty industry and a reminder that when you offer support, it returns multifold. Kimbo Coleman stands as a shining example of this ethos and is an inspiration for fellow artists and entrepreneurs who aspire to make a significant mark in the world of beauty.

Tune in to The New Zealand Makeup Podcast for more insightful dialogues with the movers and shakers of the makeup industry, where support and community are always in vogue.

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