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Ngapuna Julian

Meet Ngapuna Julian, a tenured makeup artist based in the vibrant capital of New Zealand, Wellington. Ngapuna specialises in creating stunning looks for weddings and events with an impeccable eye for detail.

In this episode, we dive into her unique journey, starting with a deep-seated love for art that ultimately led her into the world of makeup. Ngapuna also shares her candid thoughts on navigating the intricate relationship between creativity and commerce. Money, she admits, gives her "the ick," and we explore how she's pioneering a fresh income stream by leveraging her creativity through Patreon.

The discussion takes a real and raw turn as Ngapuna finds herself at a career crossroads. Contemplating whether to continue her full-time role in makeup artistry, she grapples with the intersection of passion and profession.

Join us for an authentic conversation that delves into the artistry of makeup, the complexities of monetising our creativity, and the pivotal decisions that shape her career.

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