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Fiona Sole

Meet Fiona Sole, a multifaceted hair and makeup artist, renowned for her exceptional skills in wig knotting and design.

From Splashes of Paint to Notable Wigs

in wigs has been a deliberate and successful venture for Fiona Sole over the past five years. Diving into her origin story, Fiona wasn't the typical "makeup kid." Instead, her childhood overflowed with creativity and a love for the arts that diverged from the conventional. Fiona reminisces about a book that piqued her interest: the making of Phantom of the Opera. It wasn't the story that captured her imagination, but the photos of a makeup artist transforming an actor’s face that first interested her in the world of makeup and wig making.

The Intricacies of Wig Making

Fiona discusses the complex and skillful process of crafting wigs. While many wigs in New Zealand may come from overseas due to budget and time constraints, Fiona often finds herself tweaking and refining these pieces. She shares how her connection to the renowned Richard Taylor at Weta Workshop unveiled the world of wig making to her, an encounter that was both fortuitous and transformative. Yet, it was during her time working on 'The Hobbit' that she seriously considered wig making as a profession. This juncture led her to invest the last of her funds into what would become a significant step in her career - the birth of Sole Wig Works.

Carving a Niche in the Business World

Fiona speaks proudly of Sole Wig Works, her own business that has found its stride in the last couple of years. She credits part of this success to her social media presence, sharing that the playful and fun content has not only attracted clients but has made the hard work more enjoyable.

Balancing Clients, Budgets, and Creativity

Fiona addresses the complexities of working with different clients and how factors like budget and specific requirements of a project can alter the approach to creating wigs. Whether it's for a stunt double or a leading actor, each commission demands a different strategy and set of expectations.

A Bright Future for New Zealand's Wig Making Industry

When it comes to the future, Fiona remains hopeful for the wig making industry in New Zealand. Together with Vanya Pell, they’ve founded the New Zealand Wig School to elevate local skills. With courses designed to standardise and improve wig-making talent, Fiona is committed to nurturing a new generation of artists ready to excel in this niche field.

From her experiences in “swords and sandals” productions to the intricacies of wig making, and the artistry that has made her a sought-after figure in the New Zealand film industry - it's evident that the joy of transforming faces still thrills her.

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