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Tired of chasing beauty products that have more air miles than you? Look no further!

Welcome to our Shop Local Directory – the holy grail of clean cosmetics born and bred in our stunning Aotearoa.

Sustainable beauty? Check. Proudly Kiwi-owned? Double-check. Cruelty-free? You betcha! 

Because who said you can't save the planet and look fabulous doing it?

Is your cosmetics brand made here in Aotearoa?

Here at The New Zealand Makeup Podcast, we're all about supporting the home team, and we think that choosing Kiwi cosmetics is a win for you, our communities, and our beautiful planet.


That's why we proudly provide an exclusive, no-strings-attached directory of makeup brands created right here in Aotearoa.


Fill out this form, and soon you'll be connecting with more makeup lovers than ever before.

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