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Tanya Barlow

Tanya Barlow is a versatile artist renowned for her stunning nail art. With a background deeply rooted in the hair and makeup industry, Tanya’s journey from video editing to becoming a makeup and nail virtuoso is as fascinating as it is inspiring.

A Passion Ignited

Tanya’s foray into the world of makeup was largely influenced by her mother’s enthusiasm for skincare and her own adventurous spirit. Leaving behind a budding career in video editing, she embraced the transformative power of makeup artistry, fueled by the knowledge and skills gained at London's prestigious Grease Paint makeup school.

Cultural Contrasts: UK Discipline vs. NZ Flexibility

Tanya’s global experiences have provided her with unique insights into the creative industry. The disciplined approach she honed in the UK contrasted sharply with the more laid-back, flexible environment in New Zealand. This cultural shift taught her the importance of setting personal boundaries and managing expectations, crucial elements in sustaining a long-term career in the arts.

Empowerment Through Boundaries

Tanya’s career ethos has evolved significantly over the years. From initially undervaluing her work, she has grown into a respected artist who knows her worth. Her story highlights the importance of establishing personal boundaries and choosing work that aligns with one’s passions. This shift not only empowered Tanya but also set a standard for others in the industry to follow.

From Makeup to Nails: A Transformative Journey

Delve into Tanya's remarkable transition from makeup artistry to nails, driven by personal challenges and a quest for new skills. Explore how a pivotal decision in 2012 led her to Monaco Nail Academy, where intensive one-on-one training opened unexpected doors in the world of nail artistry.

Evolving Industry: Access and Innovation

Explore the evolution of the nail industry, where global accessibility to resources and products has revolutionized creative possibilities. Learn how Tanya harnesses international influences and her own ingenuity, including crafting custom nail designs with tools like the Cricut machine and specialized airbrush nail sticker film.

The Craft of Nail Art in Film and Editorial

On set, Tanya’s nail artistry plays a critical role in storytelling and character development. She meticulously approaches each project, ensuring that her designs perfectly align with the narrative’s needs. Her in-person fittings are methodical, aiming for flawless execution whether for a photoshoot or a film scene. This attention to detail underscores the importance of nails in the broader scope of makeup and character design.

Reflect with Tanya on her dynamic career journey, from overcoming setbacks to embracing personal and professional growth. Explore her philosophy on resilience, creativity, and the transformative power of self-expression through beauty and artistry.

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