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Sita Engling

Discover the unique journey of Sita Engling, a talented makeup artist based in Tauranga, as she takes you through her remarkable career in the beauty industry.

A Lifetime of Passion

With a fervent passion for makeup artistry, Sita has dedicated herself to mastering the craft and bringing out the beauty and confidence in her clients. From her humble beginnings in Kerikeri to her international experiences in Austria and London, Sita's journey exemplifies how makeup artistry can take you anywhere.

From Small Town Beginnings to Global Adventures

Growing up in Kerikeri, Sita discovered her love for makeup during high school, setting her on a path to pursue her dreams. After studying at Cut Above in Auckland, she embarked on a bold adventure overseas, immersing herself in diverse makeup styles and market demands in Austria and London. Sita's fearless pursuit of her passion and adaptability in different environments showcase her resilience and determination.

Building a Makeup Kit While Traveling

Sita shares her journey from working at Smashbox to traveling the world and building her professional makeup kit. Before embarking on her travels, Sita worked as a receptionist to save money, with a small makeup kit from her studies. She doesn't focus on expanding her kit at this point, as her main goal is to travel. During her travels, Sita takes only a small bag of personal makeup items, rather than a full professional kit. However, while working overseas at MAC, she takes the opportunity to build up a substantial kit. By the time Sita returns home, she has a comprehensive, professional makeup kit ready to launch her career as a freelance makeup artist.

Finding Work Abroad as a Makeup Artist

Sita shares her experience of finding work while traveling abroad. She applied for only one job and was hired immediately, which she considers either a stroke of luck or perhaps due to the novelty of being a makeup artist from New Zealand. After working in Austria, Sita received an excellent review from her employer at MAC. When she moved to London, she had to reapply for a position at MAC, but her previous experience with the company in Austria likely played a significant role in her being hired again quickly. The ease with which Sita secured employment in both Austria and London highlights the value of maintaining a good reputation and work ethic, as well as the potential benefits of having international experience in one's field.

Transitioning from Solo Artist to Business Owner

Upon returning to New Zealand, Sita ventured into freelance makeup artistry, facing the challenge of building her business in Tauranga's smaller market. Networking, collaboration, and perseverance were key as she established her brand, Beauty Tribe. Balancing artistry with business, Sita navigated pricing strategies, content creation, and the transition to eco-friendly makeup products, reflecting her commitment to sustainability and client preferences.

Looking Ahead: Aspirations and Side Hustles

Amidst her journey, Sita introduced 'The Beauty Mat', which she calls her "side hustle". 'The Beauty Mat' is a silicone makeup mat designed to provide a sustainable, safe and practical solution for mobile hair and makeup artists. As Sita continues to grow Beauty Tribe and expand her reach, her passion for her craft remains unwavering. With aspirations for future growth and a commitment to empowering her clients through beauty, Sita's journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring makeup artists everywhere.

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