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Sarika Patel

Sarika Patel is an esteemed freelance makeup artist based in Auckland, renowned for her expertise in skin and texture. Known affectionately as the "colour correcting queen," Sarika has made a name for herself by mastering the art of crafting glowing, flawless complexions. Her work is a testament to her dedication to perfecting the art of makeup.

Career Highlights and Memorable Projects

When asked about her career highlights, Sarika reflects fondly on the teams she has worked with, emphasising the collaborative spirit of the industry. One standout memory is her involvement in the IIFA awards, known as the Bollywood Oscars, where she traveled to Sri Lanka and Toronto with the MAC team, representing New Zealand. Working on such a prestigious event encapsulates the dream she had pursued since her early aspirations in the beauty world.

From Bollywood Inspiration to MAC Dream Achieved

Sarika's journey began with the colourful impact of Bollywood films on her childhood. Following her dreams, she attended makeup school with the goal of working at MAC, which she describes as the pinnacle of success at the time. Eventually, her dreams materialised, and she gained a wealth of experience within the company, making it her career for over a decade.

Navigating Freelance Challenges and Inclusivity in Beauty

Transitioning to freelancing was a daunting leap for Sarika. She candidly shares the initial uncertainty about where she fit into the industry. Nonetheless, she has thrived by carving a niche for herself and continuously building her personal brand, particularly focusing on serving people of colour who resonate with her work. As New Zealand's makeup industry progresses in representation, Sarika aspires to personalise and translate beauty trends for diverse skin tones, pushing for more authentic inclusivity.

Balancing Motherhood with Makeup Artistry

Discussing the work-life balance, Sarika opens up about the challenges of managing a demanding schedule while raising a toddler. Highlighting her experiences with overwork, she underlines the importance of finding equilibrium and what triggers the need for balance. The art of maintaining one's passion while juggling personal responsibilities is a shared struggle, especially in creative industries.

Legacy, Marketing, and Personal Growth

As a veteran with 17 years in the makeup industry, Sarika aspires to leave an informative legacy, sharing her knowledge and expertise with the community. She offers insights into how she markets herself as a freelancer, discussing resources like the book "Atomic Habits" and her approach to critiquing her own work.

Connecting with Sarika

Join us for a revealing conversation that not only showcases Sarika's expertise but also explores the broader landscape of makeup artistry in Aotearoa. Get ready for a blend of industry insights, personal experiences, and the valuable lessons Sarika brings to the makeup community. Tune in now for a kōrero that celebrates the multifaceted journey of "The Colour-Correcting Queen."

Contact Sarika

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