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Sarika Patel

Meet Sarika Patel, the industry's shade matching expert with an impressive decade-long stint as the National Training Manager for MAC Cosmetics.

In this episode, we unravel Sarika's journey—from the heights of corporate makeup to virtually starting anew in the freelance realm, and the unforseen challenges that accompanied that transition.

But Sarika's influence goes beyond her makeup prowess — we delve into the vital subjects of inclusivity, representation in the industry, and the unique difficulties of social media marketing for introverts.

Join us for a revealing conversation that not only showcases Sarika's expertise but also explores the broader landscape of makeup artistry in Aotearoa. Get ready for a blend of industry insights, personal experiences, and the valuable lessons Sarika brings to the makeup community. Tune in now for a kōrero that celebrates the multifaceted journey of "The Colour-Correcting Queen."

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