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Sam Hart

Sam Hart Sam: a name synonymous with bridal makeup in New Zealand's makeup industry. Listen in to discover Sam's unique origin story – from a catchy Instagram handle to a brand loved by clients.

From Retail to Wedding Bells: Sam's Experience

Sam's extensive experience in retail makeup at notable brands like Revlon, Clinique, and MAC has given her invaluable skills that she has brought into her bridal work. Despite retail makeup's mixed reputation, Sam emphasises the irreplaceable hands-on experience gained, which has significantly shaped her approach to customer service and helped her create lasting rapport with clients.

Balancing genuine makeup advice with sales targets, Sam's growth in the retail sector was anchored in the connections she made with customers, an approach she has carried into her freelance career—prioritising authenticity and the value of education.

Embracing Education

Sam's drive doesn't stop at makeup application; she is also fiercely dedicated to teaching, offering her highly successful “Bridal Boot Camp" for fellow makeup artists and lessons for the everyday person aiming to enhance their makeup game.

Building a Team and Juggling Life's Roles

Behind every successful artist is a supportive team and Sam is no exception. Her current team consists of three dedicated artists, each bringing their unique talents to the table. These collaborations, combined with the challenges of balancing her career and being a mother, underscore the need for a healthy work-life balance—a goal that Sam continually strives for.

Flat Rate Pricing Structure

When asked about setting professional rates and how to value one's work, Sam reveals her unique pricing structure. Equality in service irrespective of the client or occasion is a principle Sam upholds, so she feels her rate reflects this.

Defining Success

Sam shares her perspective on success, revealing that for her, it's not about the money but the multitude of other rewards that come with pursuing her passion. With an astounding personal record of 105 weddings in a single season, Sam aims to surpass this record and expand her influence. Closer to home, she keeps in mind the importance of being near her family, subtly balancing her roles as a mother and top-tier makeup artist.

Join us for an episode filled with laughter, insights into Sam’s journey through retail, and some candid kōrero about sustainability and the meaning of success. Tune in to catch the infectious energy of Sam Hart Sam!

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