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Richard Symons

Richard Symons is a multidisciplinary artist known for their exceptional work in fashion, editorial, drag, and creative makeup. Richard's story is a testament to their creativity, and deep passion for artistic expression.

Discovering Artistic Passion

Richard's journey into the world of makeup artistry was ignited by a profound inspiration: Lady Gaga. Like many in the industry, Richard found themself captivated by Gaga's avant-garde looks, particularly in her iconic 2009 Paparazzi music video. After moving to Auckland at 19 to pursue art studies, health setbacks redirected their path towards makeup, a decision that would shape their artistic trajectory.

From Art to Makeup

Reflecting on setbacks early in their career, Richard shared how glandular fever disrupted their studies at Unitec. Despite the challenges, this period taught them invaluable lessons in artistic practice and unconventional thinking, essential elements that continue to shape their approach to makeup artistry.

Artistic Vision and Creative Challenges

One of Richard's defining characteristics is their ability to transform unconventional concepts into visually striking makeup art. Their passion for presenting unique features as beautiful highlights the artistry behind their work, resonating with clients and audiences alike.

Career Highlights

Richard's journey is punctuated by standout moments, including their triumphant experience on the TV show "Glow Up." Despite the challenges and unmet expectations post-show, Richard's resilience and dedication to their craft continue to drive their career forward.

Inspiring the Next Generation

Richard's insights into inclusivity and gender fluidity in the beauty industry underscore their commitment to diversity. Their advocacy for empowering diverse voices and representation reflects their belief in creating a more inclusive and progressive industry.

Championing Ethical Choices

We also discussed Richard's commitment to ethical consumerism, particularly their involvement in the BDS movement. Their decision to support pro-Palestine brands and make more informed purchasing choices underscores their dedication to aligning personal values with professional practices.

Artistic Vision and Future Endeavours

As Richard embarks on future projects, they embrace a fluid approach to creativity, focusing on continuous improvement rather than rigid goals. Their dedication to pushing boundaries and staying inspired ensures a dynamic and impactful journey ahead.

Contact Richard

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