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LIVE: The Future of Makeup in Aotearoa

Join us for an illuminating panel discussion recorded live at The Mothership in Downtown Auckland. Three distinguished past podcast guests – Kath Gould, Grayson Coutts, and Gabrielle Houghton – return to share valuable insights from their experiences in the industry.

The panel covers a range of topics, from environmental concerns such as the proposed ban on PFAs in beauty products, to the significance of self-care in a profession that often demands long hours and solitude. The artists delve into the financial challenges faced by makeup artists, and the importance of diversifying income streams to navigate the industry's current unpredictability.

The discussion also touches on the vital aspect of insurance, emphasizing the need for makeup artists to safeguard their well-being and livelihood. Additionally, the panelists reflect on the close-knit makeup community in New Zealand, while advocating for greater inclusivity and support for underrepresented artists. The future of makeup artistry is explored, particularly in the context of advancing AI technology, which sparks both excitement and concerns about its impending impact on our profession.

This engaging and dynamic panel offers a rare opportunity to gain valuable perspectives from seasoned professionals and discover the latest trends and challenges shaping the kiwi makeup industry. Whether you are an aspiring makeup artist or a beauty enthusiast, this discussion is a must-listen for anyone passionate about the beauty industry. Featured Guests:

Gabrielle Houghton (Listen to her past episode here)

Grayson Coutts (Listen to his past episode here)

Kath Gould (Listen to her past episode here)



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