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002: Kiekie Stanners

Updated: Aug 16, 2022

As one of New Zealand's elite makeup artists, Kiekie Stanners is almost in a league of her own.

After over a decade with MAC, 7 years as a Global Senior Artist, she is now freelancing in the fashion, celebrity, advertising and commercial arena across Aotearoa.

Kiekie's enviable career has taken her all over the world. From keying numerous shows at international fashion weeks to hosting masterclasses and delivering consistently flawless work for global makeup campaigns.

As a long time admirer of her flawless work and tasteful but edgy aesthetic, I was keen to pick her brains on all things editorial, runway and the jetset life of a global MAC ambassador.


Portrait by Olivia Kirkpatrick Photography

Mentions (in order)

Ensemble Mag

Loser Kid Agency


Amber D

Sophy Phillips

Guns n Roses - Paradise City

MAC Strobe Cream


Georgia Alice

Pat McGrath - The Mother of Makeup

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