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003: Grayson Coutts

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Grayson Coutts doesn't consider himself a brand, yet his name is ubiquitous in the New Zealand makeup and beauty scene. As a professional hair and makeup artist for over 15 years based in Aotearoa (and with a handy communications degree in his back pocket), Grayson is the 'go-to' makeup artist of many of Auckland's elite and is also regularly called on by the likes of FQ and Viva magazines for his well-worded and informative makeup and skincare advice.

After his many years of working as a freelance makeup artist, and with hundreds of weddings under his belt, his humility belies his expertise.


Portrait by Maegan McDowell

Mentions (in order)

"The Fig Tree" An excerpt from Sylvia Plath - The Bell Jar

Dianne & Gabrielle - The Makeup School


Ceitha Andrews - Final Touch Makeup Artistry

Waking up as the ✨ main character ✨ in a 2000s coming of age movie Playlist

Joanna Lumley

Kath Gould

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