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Gabrielle Jones

Meet Gabrielle Jones, a true luminary in New Zealand's film industry with an illustrious career that spans three decades. But you may know her best as the co-founder of "The Makeup School," a pivotal institution that has helped shape the makeup education landscape in Aotearoa.

In this episode, I sit down with Gabrielle to explore her incredible journey. From her early days in film makeup to her pivotal role in establishing "The Makeup School," Gabrielle's impact on the industry is ongoing and undeniable.

We delve into the school's beginnings, its evolution, and the transformative impact it has had on kiwi makeup artists. We also discuss the importance of sustainability in an industry known for its challenges, as well as the intersection of technology and makeup artistry in the film industry.

Join us for a conversation that not only celebrates Gabrielle's remarkable film career but also the enduring legacy of "The Makeup School" in the New Zealand makeup scene.

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